Is it normal to panic a lot

Recently ive been in like a really bad mental state. Randomly ill just feel like dread or ill think im not real. Ive been self harming again too. Im not sure why and i very much hate it. I havr no motivation foe anything and it scares me to do even the smallest of things. I get scared or nervous of things o used to like and ive just been spending all my time by myself in my room. Its weird because like 2 days ago i was fine and high energy and everything. Randomly ill like panic and ask myself if im real, or what death is like, or if anything i do is worth it and im really not sure why. When this happens i like feel my heart beat faster and i like pull at my hair and start to hyperventilatw. If its not nkrmal, why and does anyone know how i can stop feeling this way??? also sorry for nisspells

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  • I was talking to my doctor once about some anxiety I was feeling. Her reaction made me feel so much better. She said "of course you're having a hard time, you're going through a lot."

    Is there something going on that you are having a difficult time processing. For me, it was a major life change after losing a job and a buttload of other obstacles that seemed endless. But they weren't. Things change. You can always count on change.

    But find someone to talk to. Panic is a normal reaponse to many things, it's all about how you cope with it.

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  • My advice is just to see a doctor and probably get a therapist honestly. You're clearly very mentally ill and need a verified medical and expert to help you,try not to do any more self harm before that happens.

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  • Oh dear, Pan is near.

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  • Also, ive been like seeing and hearing things too

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    • Not a doctor not medical advice + tw

      Sorry you’re going through this. Sounds like a psychotic episode. You urgently need to see a doctor who will most likely prescribe you antipsychotics and ask you questions to figure out a diagnosis. If you have a family history of schizophrenia and are a young adult then it’s most likely that. You should manage your stress/anxiety levels as stress will likely trigger your symptoms, but IMO you shouldn’t meditate because it might make psychosis worse. You should spend more time with friends/family and get out in nature, because if you’re alone too much that will also make it worse.

      There is some evidence that micronutrient deficiencies worsen symptoms of depression and psychosis so if it were me I would eat healthy and maybe take a multivitamin. Talk to a doctor before taking anything.

      For self-harm put any tools in an inconvenient place or give them to someone you trust. For cutting some people have used the rubber band method (snapping a rubber band on your hand as less serious form of harm).

      If you don’t see a doctor you could lose touch with reality or have worse symptoms. Also they need to make sure there isn’t some worse underlying condition causing it.

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      • I got it, thanks a lot. Ill try to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Thanks so much for the help <3

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