Is it normal to not want to have anything to do with this system?

not want to go to work, not want to send kids to school. This life seems so boring and mundane, there must be something better than what we know.

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  • It's true. There's a lot better life out there than monotony and letting other people schedule your life and tell you what to do. Have kids, accumulate posessions, work your whole life for the money to do it. Meanwhile somebodys always making more than you are off the work you're doing. There's plenty of ways to make a living without a job if you have helpful skills and don't spend a lot.

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  • As far as I know there isn't something better than the norm. Nothing is for free, so I've got to work for it. I don't like working, but if it keeps me full of food and gives me a place to stay, I'll happily take it. Perhaps you should look into finding some hobbies that will make life feel less boring?

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  • My answer is Yes
    There are too many people on this planet
    We have polluted it with credulous man made religion and ideologies
    Who do we think we are? We have killed most of the wildlife and created vast fields of food
    I'm not racist... i hate all races
    I'm off to cuddle my dog

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  • It could be worse.

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  • Yeah, it's pretty common to feel frustrated by the monotony and shallowness of a lot of normal life. There are a variety of ways to live, though. You don't have to have kids or necessarily work a conventional job -- you could travel, or get involved in arts, or activism for something you believe in. Find out what matters to you and find a way to pursue it, even if it's out of the norm.

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