Is it normal to not want to date someone with disgusting feet?

I'm not even a weird person with a foot fetish. But when I see people with hideous feet, it's a massive turn off. Definitely on the same level as bad teeth, ugly noses, messed up hairlines and small penis's.

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  • I was talking to this dude and he came over and took his boots off. He put his feet up on the table, and they like flopped over. I’ve never seen anything like it. I ghosted the poor thing.

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  • If someone has really gross feet it can oftentimes be a sign of foot fungus. I think it's normal to not want to date anyone with gross feet, because it's a sign of someone neglecting their personal hygiene which in turn is sign of poor physical, and mental health. It's part of one's survival instinct to want to avoid sickness, and disease.

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  • I would be turned off by any girl if I saw them with hideous looking feet especially if they haven't cut their nails or if they have fungus.

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  • Yeah, I can agree with that.

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