Is it normal to not like different?

There's a problem with different people, they have a problem with my normality and don't know what normal is: conforming to a standard, usual, regular, typical, and they don't know what regular is and what usual is, habitual, consistent, harmonious, systematic, current, ordinary, customary, or following or exhibiting a principle, therefore to be normal, regular or usual, you have to do normal, regular or usual things.

That means by being normal you always have the same routines, you're morally good, you're never-changing, not even a tiny detail is different about you, you're usual, you're typical, it's your type, you observed, used, happened, did, or found everything ordinarily.

And the quirky people don't understand this, they don't understand that normal people have to do things regularly, in a normal way.

And I'm tired of people trying to change that, we're all the same, maybe I want to be ordinary and usual and do dull, routine, mundane things, is that normal?

Is It Normal?
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