Is it normal to not know how to make changes in your life

there are some things I'd like to change about myself. Not so much as bad habits just character flaws. I just don't know how to go about changing. I don't really "hang out" I guess I'm just really selective when it comes to friends. But that's a bad thing too because I've isolated myself so much. I've done some self help books but I need something more I guess. My main thing is I know I have a problem I want to change the problem but I don't know how so I become discouraged. Is that normal ?

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  • You're an introvert.

    The only way that anything will ever change, is if you meet and partner with an extrovert.

    But you're an introvert, and you don't go out and socialize, so you will probably never meet an extrovert.


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  • Oh, I wanna be more clear, the change is to start seeing people regularly? I would not consider this a character flaw this is purely behavioral. The way to fix is go into new social circumstances, a new bar if you're old enough, even a new kind of store, hiking, rock climbing, public events in your area, museums, whatever your interests are. Inevitably you will find like minded people. Then naturally you may exchange info or continue spending some time together. This may or may not happen overnight. And friendships with new people always have the chance of being any length. Dont look inside so much, everybody has urges to isolate. But the point is its a behavior, don't go with expectations of even having fun, just leave the house and go some place new

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  • Just try talking to strangers. Don't listen to that crap they taught you in preschool. Strangers are just people like you are.

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  • Change requires action.

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