Is it normal to not feel normal?

HELP!!! Sometimes I feel « not normal » but then I start wondering if even my « normal » self is normal. Does anyone else feel like this?? How do I know if I am normal or not

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  • Oh honey, I know I'm not normal.

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  • No it's not normal to feel not normal, I went through that struggle before and I overcame it, despite my out of date profile and I'm not sure if this'll last,I'm confused and I don't know what to be, to think for myself or not or if I'm even a Puritan, I kept my profile to preserve the old me, causes changes and it's more than what I want, plus it's not fun, and I want to have fun and have a good time, the confusion begins in people changing me, Leo on those videos was right when he said if it changes too much it wouldn't be the same anymore. I don't want to be inauthentic and it feels exactly like it's not normal, changing, and an adjustment here and there isn't normal, and that's me speaking for myself so no, I too feel not normal, I feel like somebody's messing with the system to which I'm built. Further more I try not to have a house of cards but everyone makes my whole existence a house of cards, it's about getting my life back.

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  • You may feel like you aren't normal but when you realize there are shit tons of human beings on this planet, like very shit tons, you'll realize there are many others who actually have something in common with you. The truth is, all of us are not unique or special. It doesn't matter if you thought you aren't normal as long as you don't cause harm to yourself or others.

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  • It's perfectly normal to feel not normal.

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