Is it normal to not feel different after first time drinking?

I just got home from going out for my 21st birthday. I ended up having two beers which were 5% ABV and two shots both of which were 2oz pours, one was a whiskey sour and the other was called a four horsemen (four different whiskeys mixed in equal parts) in the span of a couple hours. This is my first time actually drinking, I've tasted alcohol before just haven't drank more than a sip. I don't feel all that different than normal just a bit tired, but then again I've been awake for almost 18 hours and worked 9 and half hours today.

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  • It’s widely known Americans can’t drink worth a shit, but still, that’s not even enough to put on cereal in the morning 🤣

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  • I drink rum!

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  • Alcohol tolerance is different from ppl to ppl, some ppl gets drowsy from a single sip but others can dring a lot before getting drunk.
    So its pretty normal.

    When I was 18 I drank beer for the first time because my father offered me, and I drank an entire bottle and did not feel anything very diferent from my mother wich starts feeling realy bad after a single sip.

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  • No no, you're going for those manly drinks that appeal to those only looking at alcoholic content

    If you really wanna drink, tell your bartender you want something fruity, I did that on my birthday last year (new years Eve) and I did not regret it lol even came with a cherry, you'll sip it like a regular drink and before you know it you're tipsy, being tipsy is way more fun than being drunk 😉

    Also, be picky about beer if you drink it. To me it just tastes like dish water, but others say the right beer makes all the difference

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  • Did you drink it over a long period of time?

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    • Over the course of like 2 hours.

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  • I don't believe it.

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  • Well yea you drank like a dumbass

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