Is it normal to not answer/reply to a friend while in a conversation?

Is it normal to, while talking to a friend over voice to not reply to them repeatedly, ignore their questions as if they said nothing at all, just let an akward silence set in?

If normal, under what circumstances would you act like this?

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  • Sound like a manipulative asshole trying to be the dominant one in the group

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  • I think when someone does that they don't really want to be in the conversation. If I'm dealing with someone who just talks on and on, but never lets me get a word in I can kinda start to tune out, and I usually don't care how the person talking about it feels, because I really just want to get away from them.

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  • I do not understand why people do this. I think when it happens, the person who I am speaking to just either doesn't understand me or is distracted, but it happens a lot. If you are one who does this to people, could you explain why you do this?

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  • Very normal.

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  • I actually have to do this often. Almost like “answer your own fucking question”. My bf and my best friend are very emotional and explosive people. I’ll literally have to say “I’m not engaging with you at the current moment and when things are less heated we can revisit the conversation”.

    As an adult, I don’t have to give you a response. I don’t owe you dick. But Bc I love you, I’ll wait till you’ve reviewed the situation and have calmed down.

    So yeah, you can tell it out and voice your opinions and I’ll still love you in the morning. Lol

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