Is it normal to mistrust those closest to me?

I have random bursts of mistrust while being around people I love the most and it's getting worse and worse and harder to talk myself out of it.
I feel like my closest friends don't like me as much as I think and that they lie about my company just so I don't feel bad. I feel like my boyfriend doesn't really have feelings for me and that he sticks around just cuz he currently can't find anyone else and and only pretends he loves me or that my parents only pretend to be proud of me or are happy to see me when I come home for college every now and then. Everything they do shows how much they care and they all treat me so well, it almost feels like they pity me so much that it makes them act excessively.

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  • I have a sudden urge to dig up my fake beard, and cigar, then get all Freudian on yo ass!

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  • You say these feelings of distrust are becoming harder and harder to deal with, so I reckon you need to find professional help. Cognitive Behavior Therapy would probably be helpful and although a trained therapist would be a great help, there are books you could get for yourself.

    If you're in a situation were you can access a school or college counsellor, that would be a good first step. Good luck!

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  • Get some exercise and turn that frown upside down.

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  • Yes, it's normal. I thought my boyfriend when I was in college could only have been retarded and that my parents failed to tell me that I had developmental problems because they felt sorry for me. In 20 years you'll understand.

    Or you can just skip that whole process and feel good about yourself now.

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