Is it normal to make love daily

I love my wife too much so we make love daily ,, is it normal?? If not what is the normal rate to keep my health??

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  • Studies have shown that couples who are sexually intimate regularly tend to stay together.

    I've also read that, if a couple having problems in their relationship agrees to have sex once a day for a week - regardless of anything else that's going on - that can have very positive results.

    One of the biggest problems in long-term relationships is starting to take each other for granted. Daily sex is a great way to connect and acknowledge the importance of the other person to you.

    You seem to think that daily sex might be bad for your health. This is nonsense. Anyone who tells you that men are drained of their mysterious male energies during sex is either incredibly ignorant or some sort of anti-sex, anti-woman religious fool.

    Sex is good for you, physically and emotionally.

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  • If she wants it just as much, absolutely

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  • I have sexdaily.

    ..I mean dyslexia

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  • as long as you both are happy i will say its fine

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  • If your a teenager then sex four or five times a day is normal.

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  • Try with another woman to see if it's the same

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  • I think you guys are lucky to have such a healthy appetite for each other!

    There are some couples in this world that don't even find each other attractive anymore! Which is truly sad!

    So I say count your blessings and be happy while it lasts!

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  • I think it's pretty normal. I'm in my 30s and (unless there is a reason why we shouldn't) we have sex every night.

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  • Yeah, absolutely. I have SOOOO much sex with hot 20-something babes ALL DAY! Every day!!!!


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  • heh faggot.

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