Is it normal to love storms and rain

i love the rain and storms. i love darkness and storms. i always want it to rain nice days are so boring. tornadoes are awesome. typhoons are a dream to be in. i don’t know. watching footage of tornadoes is so fascinating. my house has been hit by a tornado by the way. if i could live somewhere where it’s almost raining 24/7 i would. i love nighttime thunderstorms. if i see a bad storming coming my way i get very excited. all i hear people talking about is how they wish the weather was better and how they are sick of the wetness. i wouldn’t call it depression. if anyone recommends some great rainy cities in the US to visit i’ll be happy.

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  • You're not alone. I LOVE thunderstorms and I enjoy getting photos and video. I have time-lapse videos showing cumulus clouds billowing into huge thunderheads, and then when the lightning comes, I get excited. I also enjoy a good dark rainy day. The dark clouds in the distance as they approach puts me at ease. In the winter I enjoy the snow.

    I think "nice" days are boring, and I HATE hot weather! The only thing hot weather is good for is that sometimes it spawns the thunderstorms that I enjoy. I also hate it when the weather guy on TV talks about sunny weather with the assumption that everyone enjoys it.

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  • Seattle. It rains like 300 days a year, so bring an umbrella.

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    • Why the hell are you propagating this nonsense? Do you even live here?? I find it annoying when people speak authoritatively on subjects when they obviously aren't. That's how misinformation becomes accepted as fact, making fools of all of us. Stop it.

      According to

      "Seattle experiences an average of 152 rainy days a year, which is more than most cities across the U.S. A rainy day is defined as a calendar day in which at least 0.01 inches of rain, or melted snow and ice, falls."

      0.01 inches is 1/10th of an inch. Hardly enough to water the garden. Look, I moved to the greater metro area of Seattle in 1999, and my umbrella doesn't see much use. We get precipitation, sure, but it's often very light, and usually only in the winter months do you need to keep an umbrella nearby. In summer, like now, it's hot and very dry.

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    • great

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  • ⛈️⚡ Storms are awesome! I used to live in Iowa (Midwestern U.S.), and the summer always provided excellent thunderstorms, bringing booming, window rattling thunder and blinding lighting all over the sky, with frequently visible lightning strikes to the ground! Then the sweet, pungent smell of ozone on the ever increasing wind. Soon after, heavy downpours making huge puddles to jump in, or floods! Ah, I miss those thunderstorms . . .

    Now I live in the beautiful Pacific NW, and we get a lot of precipitation where I live, but rarely thunderstorms, and even when we do, it's usually just thunder rumbles, maybe a few good cracks, a lightning show and high winds, then some weak rain. It’s not nearly as thrilling as Midwestern thunderstorms. Also, Iowa had tornadoes. Highly destructive and dangerous, but thrilling beyond words to watch, from a safe distance, of course!

    Here we have tsunamis, but I live too far inland to experience the bulk of those. The earthquakes are a trip though. The first one I experienced happened in 2001 at a magnitude of 6.8. Fortunately (for me), it originated fairly far from my home at the time, mitigating much of it's force, but it was still strong enough to make my supposedly 100% waveless waterbed toss me to the floor in my sleep as the mattress crested to a few impressive waves before calming down. Totally freaked me out. Caused a fair bit of damage to the area too.

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  • I feel the same. To me, rainy weather is good weather, sunny weather is bad weather.

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  • Ceraunophile, pluviophile, nychtophile, however you want to call youself, you are normal.

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  • Me too, my friends and I would go out to the fields when it was raining (plain raining, no thunder storm) playing football (soccer) and basketball when we were younger, it was fun. Lifes become so dull since we got busy with work life, and I find the whole idea stupid now, it would make me sick and missing a day at work = salary deduction in my work place, the only thing I can enjoy about raining is watching it from the windows of my home and office now, but can no longer enjoy the freedom it used to offer then. But if its a sto...rm its another thing, lightnings are dangerous and deadly, so many people get killed by lightning strikes now and then

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  • The upper north west is rainy, but I don't know how good the storms are.

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  • I don't know about typhoons lol, but I absolutely love stormy weather. My mom doesn't understand it though... she's pretty normal, so this may not be the norm. But who cares... everyone has their own thing

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