Is it normal to love people's artwork unconditionally?

For some reason I think every single one of my friends art is amazing unconditionally. They think I'm sugar coating it, but it's really hard for me to hate artwork. But I hate telling them everytime they say "ohh, my arts not good" That I love it no matter what. Most of them get annoyed or get pissed at me because they think I'm lying...

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  • even gay cartoon porn?

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  • Artists don't like that.

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  • I like little kids artwork. I'm not joking about it. I love it!

    Ps- it's normal you like your friends work. You are probably a very good friend.

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    • One of the Jewish kids I used to look after is obsessed with Xmas. He showed me a drawing on video chat yest. I wish I'd taken a screenshot.

      His mum: Tell Mel what this is?
      Him: Santa.
      Mum: And what's this green part of Santa?
      Him: His penis.
      Mum: And what's he doing with his penis?
      Him: Pishing on the xmas tree to make it grow.

      I was laughing so hard I was crying.

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  • From what I've heard from the art community, art is all about who the artist is rather than the actual quality of the work. So yeah, I'd say this is normal

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