Is it normal to love j-pop?

In a world full of people that apparently speak against the J-pop industry, I love J-pop. It's my favorite music genre.

I also ignore the bad things people say about the J-pop industry. I mean, I just want to listen to whatever music I want. There are also few other reasons why I ignore the bad things they say about the J-pop industry.

Is It Normal?
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  • My only experience with J-Pop is from anime openings and most of the time they aren't that bad. I don't listen to them often because I don't like listening to music where I can't understand the lyrics, but I can see why people would like it.

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  • Though j-pop sucks, it's not the most uncommon thing to like it. For example, the Japanese like it.

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  • COMPLEATLY OKAY! I for one, have not listened to a lot, (only anime intros and hatsumi miku) but I am into kpop, and I do get hate thrown on me, but honestly, is okay, there is nothing wrong with liking another type of music!

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  • Jpop is just weird. I'm definitely a korea boo though soo...

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  • Lana Del Rey is better just saying.

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