Is it normal to look/stare all over a person's face when they're talking?

Recently I've noticed that when someone's talking to me, I kind of stare intently at all of their facial features. Not just in their eyes, but also at their nose, mouth, hair, etc. I worry that I'm making them uncomfortable and that they'll think I'm a bit of a creep. I also worry that I'm making them feel self-conscious if I happen to stare at something they feel self-conscious about, like if they happen to have an above-average large nose or something. Is this normal, or does everybody do this but I've just never noticed them doing it to me before?

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  • Body language experts suggest that if you're having a serious, businesslike conversation, your eyes should focus on a triangle composed of each eye and the forehead. Staring at the point between the eyes is supposedly dominant behavior, but it can come across as creepy or arrogant.

    In a social conversation, you should focus on an inverted triangle composed of the eyes and the mouth.

    In an intimate conversation, things get a little trickier. If you're standing close, you let your eyes drift between the eyes, linger on the mouth, then look down to the chest (or breasts), and then back up. If you're farther away, you look at eyes, mouth, and chest, but also pay some attention to the crotch.

    Glancing at hair and other features is normal, but you should do your best to avoid staring at aardvark-noses, elephant-ears, and pimples the size of Mount Vesuvius.

    If you're a guy, be aware that women tend to have better peripheral vision than men, so even if you're trying to be sneaky when you check out her boobs, she's probably aware of it.

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  • Stare right at the tip of the person's nose, then maybe cock your head to see if there are any magic nose goblins inside.

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  • You do it because it's natural to you, so I think it's normal.

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  • i usually want to see who the fuck i speaking too so yes a stare at their features

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