Is it normal to live a spiritual life?

I live a spiritual life as a Buddhist but not much spirituality is going on without my Tibetan Buddhist books. I meditate, follow the Middle Way, but I'm also an atheist, I believe God is very improbable, but I'm living the spirituality. I don't drink alcohol, I don't eat meat, I'm considering liquitarianism. Celibacy would be appropriate, I feel liberated giving up a life of luxury. Is this normal?

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  • It's normal for some people, not normal for others: if it feels normal to you, proceed.

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  • Your use of the word improbable is also a tell. You should never gamble.

    Stop flooding this site with your lunatic blabbering.

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  • well, unfortuantely it is not a normal thing to see. Spiritual life nowadays is increasinly rare. Has christian i take really serious my faith in christ and god, and have a hard time to find people who also do, even inside the church.
    Well, has a christian i cannot tell you this is the best way, but hey, i wont preach for you here. If that brighs you peace, then go for it

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  • its to hard to live real spiritual life trust me

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  • My dad is a really spiritual person. I think it is why he is so calm no matter what happens. I don't understand why god would let bad stuff happen if he is all powerful?

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  • I don't think any users here are privy to more accurate stats on those practicing Tibetan Buddhism than the info publicly available.

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  • You're saying you can't believe in Buddha Without books. You're missing the mark there.

    Are you the person that only meditates for ten minutes and doesn't understand why it doesn't work?

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