Is it normal to like watered down drinks?

When you get a cup of soda from a restaurant or fast food place, they'll sometimes put ice in it. Inevitably that ice starts to melt and it starts to make your drink taste watered down. I don't really mind it, though. I've even found that I enjoy certain things more after the ice melts a little.

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  • Watering down carbonated drinks is gross.

    Edit: unless with booze.

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  • You mean watered up?
    Coz if it is a drinkable liquid then it already contains water so if you add mo water you are making da level of water increase and thus going up.
    That's.... what's up

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    • Damn I like a good technicality but this this is what's up. Keeping it real man I appreciate that

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  • Do you enjoy water after the ice has melted?

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  • It is our preference really.

    So I cannot judge you really.

    I cannot really say I like that myself.

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    • Depends on what drink it is. I like Americanos which is just watered down espresso.

      Also black tea, it's a bit too bitter and concentrated for me so I like to delute it.

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