Is it normal to like bald women?

I think that there is nothing sexier than a bald headed woman. Women with short hair are cute and sexy, but bald women really attract me. Years ago, my wife was diagnosed with cancer. Chemo took her hair away. Even though she was sick, I still told her how pretty and sexy she was. Then came the day when we got the news that she had beaten cancer. It was one of the happiest days in my life. In the back of my mind, I thought, "It wouldn't bother me if her hair never grew back." Fortunately for her, it did grow back. To this day though, whenever I see a woman that I assume is fighting cancer, I tell her how pretty she looks. Many times I see ladies who are balding for other reasons. I feel like telling them to shave their head. You may be prettier than you may think. I don't care if it's normal or not. To me, bald women are sexy.

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  • one time a cute lesbian student of mine shaved her head. i thought it looked stupid. she farted next to me one time and i about puked. she had a sore throat and her throat culture looked like she had been eating ass. i would have banged her if she wanted cock but she never asked. she was a 10 with short hair and a fucking zero bald.

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  • Most men don't find them attractive. But it's still completely normal. No preference can be abnormal, in my opinion.

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  • It’s a bit unusual, but it’s not bad or weird or anything.
    Almost all guys have hair length preferences, you just have an uncommon opinion.

    But if you’re calling random women with cancer sexually attractive, that’s pretty creepy, but it’s not because of your preference. Telling any random person you find them sexy is creepy.

    If you’re just calling them pretty, then that’s completely fine. I’m pretty sure that you’re not a creep, OP.

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    • Nowhere in my post did I say that I tell random women that I'm sexually attracted to them. Complimenting a woman on her beauty and telling her that you find her sexually attractive are two totally different things. My wife is a very pretty lady. I've heard men and even women tell her how pretty she is. We smile and say, "Thank you." However, if a guy came up and told her that she "turns him on", it could be taken as a compliment, but to your point, it would be creepy to hear.

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