Is it normal to lie on your cv/resume?

A lot of things on my CV are highly exaggerated. For example I claim to be adept at Java and C# just because I did them in college, but that was a few years ago and I wasn't even great at them back then. I probably couldn't write more than a few lines of code now. I also claim to have great communication and teamwork abilities even though I have chronic social anxiety and sometimes can't even manage to say hello to people in the mornings. I claim to have achieved a certain certificate, but really I've only partially completed it (at first I honestly thought I had fully completed it, by the time I realised I hadn't it was already on my CV and I just never bothered to correct it since). I also claim that some of my main work responsibilities in previous jobs I've had were things that I really only ever did once or twice ever. Are these all ordinary exaggerations that everyone makes?

I have yet to really blatantly lie on it though. I am really considering it though, there are a couple minor certificates I would like to add that would be desirable to employers. Or even general things like first aid training or other personal achievements. Is this a good idea? Is it normal for people to do that?

Half of my CV is lies anyway because of the personal profile. I have things on there like motivated, enthusiastic, hard working, independent, competent, which is all complete rubbish. And I know you'll think that these are just exaggerations rather than lies, since I'm saying that I'm very motivated etc. when I'm really only a bit motivated. But in my case these are just outright lies, I'm not motivated or hard working at all. I hate work, I'm lazy and I take every chance I can get to slack off. I'm also not at all independent/competent. I need everything explained to me in minute detail, step-by-step, for me to know what I'm doing, with constant reminders again afterwards, otherwise I'm lost. I much prefer simple monotonous work I've done a million times before and that I'm comfortable with, than anything new where I have any responsibility whatsoever.

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  • Be warned! If you're caught lying, you can be fired and blacklisted. Then you can never get a decent job ever. So, don't lie on your CV/resume.

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  • Seems like you're a bit of a prick. I could kind of get the exaggerating/lying, but that combined with your slacking is a hard whammy.

    Your incompetence and dishonesty will likely really inconvenience your coworkers, customers, and superiors.

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  • if anythin i leaves stuff out like places i worked in the past where things didnt go well or when i was a stripper

    i cant see usin a buncha flatterin adjectives about myself either

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  • There's no way to measure how well someone works with others or their communication skills, so it makes sense to embellish personal attributes. Overstating skills can be a more iffy though because it could lead to difficulties if you have to prove it. And it's probably not good to lie about certificates because sometimes they can just contact the issuer and get the truth.
    Honesty is the best policy, but I doubt anyone could blame you for overstating certain things.

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  • Just write down:


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  • I hope they hire you and all your coworkers are big liars too

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  • No

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