Is it normal to let it slide my bf hurt me during an anxiety fit?

My boyfriend has anxiety about crowded areas, I wanted to go to the mall with him to buy some new clothes. We were holding hands and there was a crowd infront of us so he stopped walking, I told him I would be right with him through it but he wasn't paying attention he just freezes up. I let go of his hand and he got really mad about that and grabbed my wrist and pulled me back to the car. It hurt bad enough for me to cry, but it was my fault for trying to push him into a situation he didn't want to be in so I forgave him and let it go. Am I wrong?

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  • both of you are in the wrong.

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  • I think he shouldn't have taken his anger out on you.
    But you also shouldn't have taken him somewhere you knew he'd be in comfortable. The actual act of him hurting you, though, is entirely his fault and you should confront him about it.
    Yes, he was scared but he shouldn't take his anger out on you of all people.

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  • he sounds like his got more than anxiety wrong with him. Dump him or he'll think he can get away with it again. If you don't want to dump him tell him you've decided that he needs to seek help for his anxiety and get medication for his anxiety and you want him to make an appointment and go with him (unless he wants to go by himself.) you need to let him know what he did is unacceptable behaviour in your eyes and if he doesn't get help your leaving. I mean that's domestic violence its probably on camera if you wanna go that route which is police and force him into rehabilitation, and if he starts makonf excuses and trying to defend his behavior you can simply say you could have ran back to the car by yourself with out dragging me along I don't need ro be tied down by your anxiety, if she carries on let him not your not asking him for excuses or to defend his actions you looking for action and results.

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  • Call your local police dept.

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  • Big red flag.

    He shouldn't make you responsible for his anxiety, and hurt you out of anger. He had anxiety before you met him, and I'm sure he wasn't going around yanking people to the car because of an attack.

    Also, it's not your fault. You're doing normal things that couples typically do, which is go out.

    Anyway, he handled his anxiety attack wrong by hurting you. Which means it'll only get worse from here, and you'll find yourself either going out alone or with friends more than with your boyfriend, or he's going to use his condition to control you and keep you in the house with him most of the time.

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