Is it normal to leave the guy i love?

I was dating a guy for almost 3 years and I used to love him a lot. But he changed completely within last year/he made me dramas every other day. I left him 2 months back, he tried to come back many times. I love him but can’t be with him. Is it normal?

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  • Normal and unfortunately common: I've had to decide to love some friends and family members and lovers from a distance because the relationships were unhealthy for me.

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  • No leave his lazy ass or if you go back he will control you.

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  • It's normal. There's nothing wrong with leaving someone that burdens you.

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  • the vibes go down and the energy is dead, totally normal

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  • Is likeing someones photos on the internet the same thing?? Just curious

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  • mehh

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    • show a little support stain.

      M maybe
      E tell someone
      H who cares.

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