Is it normal to just give up

Is it normal for someone to literally give up everything and self-destruct even though they have children relying on them. Do you think that those children should be taken away from them until they fix their issues considering it's creating a bad environment.

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  • If the person is having a serious enough mental health crisis, yes. I do think that such a person is an unfit parent. Children should not remain in a household where a mentally ill parent might neglect, or abuse them. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for children to be abused, and neglected in foster homes.

    I wish there were some simple, and easy answers to these problems. This is just my opinion, but I tend to believe that usually a combination of a parent, or parents with untreated mental health problems, and substance abuse problems are at the bottom of these matters. I honestly think that there are some people who just shouldn't have children, or be allowed to care for children, because on a deep, and fundamental level those people are unfit parents.

    I also think that the penalties for abusing children should be much more strict and I feel that people who abuse, and molest children ought not to ever see the light of day again. Our legal system is messed up when people receive longer jail sentences for nonviolent drug offenses than for sex offenses. I wouldn't have a problem if rapists, and child molesters would all just drop dead!

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  • It depends on the situation. Foster care is often times worse than the shitty homes. The statistics of how people end up when raised in foster homes is not good either.

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  • They should try meds for their issues.

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