Is it normal to jaywalk across busy intersections if it looks safe?

Was walking to the store with my friend today. So the store was across this really busy street? So what does my friend do out of the blue? He just completely runs right across the road without any regard for any traffic that was coming by? Surprised he didn’t get hit by a bus and end in the hospital?? Do you think that’s normal? Is it normal to jaywalk across busy roads and intersections when you can see there’s no traffic coming by?

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  • I never got what was so wrong about jaywalking.

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  • As someone who has to jaywalk every day to get to work, there's a sidewalk but no crosswalk it's crazy. I can tell ya fuck that shit. I'll stand in the cold for an extra minute if it means not getting hit

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  • Not in this day and age with so many drivers high on pot. I don’t even count on them stopping at stop signs.

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  • Depends. In New York City, jaywalking is an art form and way of life. In many other places, it's simply unnecessary risk for little reward.

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