Is it normal to hump my pillow

Sometimes after watching porn I get really horny an hump my pillow because I don't have a boyfriend. Sometimes I do it to my stuffed animals. I also look up on the Internet fake sex moans so I can pretend my pillow is moaning. This makes me extra horny so I do the pillow extra hard, and then I think im having orgasms but I don't know. IIN?

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  • That's really hot to think about.

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  • I do that!

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  • :D sure, draw a face on the pillow ..............

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  • i do it so it is normal

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  • hump the shit out of the pillow hump it super hard and the mouth watering organisms will come fast, here,s some instructions on how to hav good long organisms with your pillow... 1. take off al your clothes 2. put the pillow on the floor 3. spread your legs and sit on the pillow 3. rub the pillow on your vagina 4. play with your boobs 5. lay with your legs spread on top of the pillow 6. hump the pillow in an up and down motion 7. rub your pussy and massage it 8. spread your legs and sit straight while rubbing the pillow on your pussy 9. put 1 leg on each side of the pillow and hump hard 10. move your pussy all around the pillow until you feel sexy! 11. hump the pillow until you cant stop 12. get off the pillow and get a blanket 13. rub the blanket between your legs 14. pull the blanket bak an forth really hard 15. get back on the pillow and have good sex with it, like great sex, hump and moan!

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  • yeah work it!!!

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