Is it normal to hear music when you're tired?

If I'm up later than I should be, eventually I'll start to hear music. Not externally, but in my head. Original music that I've never heard before, that has a clarity much more intense than I could ever will into being in my normal daily life. Has anybody else heard this night music?

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  • If I’m in dead silence, I can hear a radio. It’s like radio talk time with a little music. Not loud enough for me to make out the words which is incredibly frustrating.

    I saw a TikTok once of someone talking about how they hear it too. Made me feel much better about my sanity. I guess it’s just something people don’t talk about.

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  • Only if you're in an old movie called Deliverance.

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  • For me it's little beeps and bloops like from an old school Gameboy game

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