Is it normal to have wicked thoughts

My younger sister turned up about 1hour ago with my niece her daughter in tow omg black suspender tights very short denim skirt white tee shirt and bra while my sister was making a cup of tea I sat watching tv my Neice sat opposite me I had a clear view up her skirt it was hot she knew I was looking didn't even bother closing her legs I could see right up when I stood up to help my sister bringing in the tea my Neice smiled just must have noticed my erection when we came back in my Neice had moved and sat on same settee as me my sister now sat opposite we chatted about me house minding when they go away.after they left started watching blues phone went of I opened the message my Neice had sent me a message and a picture is this normal this is second time something like this has happened

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  • no that one isn't normal i'm afraid, you are wicked and should bow your head in shame and ask for forgiveness.

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    • I know its wrong but something sexy about black suspender tights .will go and have a cold shower and will apologise to her next time I see her

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  • Go stick your dick in a blender.

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  • Nigga are you tryna fuck your sister?

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  • Sent you a pic of what? A niece is a good piece. LOL
    Tell her make it a nude pic. and see what she does. Or was it a nudie?

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  • No not normal. You should be like oh fuck put some damn clothes on being protective vs having fantasies. Btw how old is she?

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  • It is wrong in my opinion, not normal.
    I'm sure you can find a lot of options online with the same tags as "black suspenders" "skirt" and so on that isn't your relative..

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