Is it normal to have trust issues in the beginning of a new relationship?

I have a new relationship and I’m just still a bit on edge all the time. It’s like I can’t fully trust him yet or open up much. I want to but just can’t yet, I guess it’s just my brain going haywire. I’ve had bad past experiences so I’m very wary of people, but willing to take it slow. Is this normal? I think that may be it.

Is it normal to be like that? Just really cautious/wary in the beginning of relationship? Like I want to like him just can’t trust him fully yet. Like motives etc. I’m very closed off. Again I have had really bad experiences with people so taking things slow. Is this normal?

I wanna be comfortable with him, so I’m trying to be strong & get over this feeling!

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  • It's normal with someone you just started dating, however entering a relationship with someone you still don't trust isn't the wisest thing to do. The dating process is for getting to know each other and gain trust, when you mutually agree to enter a relationship you should be finished with that. Either you entered a relationship way too soon with someone you don't actually know, or you have trust issues you need to work on and it has nothing to do with him.

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    • This was a great answer!!! Thanks!!

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