Is it normal to have thrown up after a rollercoaster ride?

Today I went to this rollercoaster ride at an amusement park with my friend and him and I had fun there, we went to this ride and at the end I began feeling too nauseous as soon as I got to the bench I started to throw up really badly, I often wished I didn't throw up and went to more rides with my friend. Luckily it wasn't during the ride.

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  • I used to love the rides but they make me really sick now days. I like to go to see the shops and eat tge junk food now days plus the games are fun.
    One time i wanted the grand prize and my boyfriend was like can we pay for the prize or are you really gonna make us play a bunch of games and be forced to clean up after it? We walked away with the prize haha

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  • tried many times to ride, threw up every time, just gave up. think its because dont trust the safety

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  • Like a roller coaster toaster in a big four posted bed.

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  • I dont like rollercoasters. I've never tried one but I don't have a desire to either. I've tried small rollercoasters and they were enough for me. I would definietely puke going on a big rollercoaster. I went on a small version of a drop tower a few years ago and it was horrifying, fun but I thought I was gonna pass out a few times. Those things are definitely not for me.

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  • I barfed after the gravitron. Fuck that shit.

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