Is it normal to have thoughts

iv cancer and i kind of know im dying .with knowing that alot of thoughts come into ur mind .about times of ur life what u did and who u hurt . thankfully in my life i havent many regrets but i do have one .its a old girlfriend of over 20 years ago whom i know i hurt .shes moved on like i did but for some reason i feel i should contact her to say sorry am i been foolish and not thinking straight

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  • Sorry to hear about your Cancer.

    Your thoughts are normal; and in my opinion that's good of you. Please make the attempt. Sincere apologies are never unwelcome, and often create at lease some degree of healing in both parties.

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  • nah having thoughts at all is weird just turn off your brain like the rest of us

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  • It's normal for a person to want to make amends for something he, or she has done wrong, especially if one will soon be facing death.

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  • maybe ul hurt her more . bringing it all back up plus cause problems in her new life . maybe it best u send a letter after uv passed . and i wish u all the best

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  • I dont think its a bad idea. You could say goodbye and apologize. Idk what to even say about the cancer thing, that sucks. Everyones gotta go through it unfortunately.

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