Is it normal to have these thoughts?

I’m a 32 years old guy and I have a very beautiful wife, two healthy kids and a descent job. Over the past four years or so, I’ve been having thoughts of sharing my wife. I ask her to wear very revealing clothes when we go out especially when we travel. I gave her a hint that it’s ok to experiment with others but she got really upset. I keep having these thoughts on daily basis and can’t get rid of them. Is this normal?

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  • Anytime I read a fetish post that had either a misleading or completely ambiguous title I feel like I just got flashed at a park

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  • I get off watching my GF with another guy or 2

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  • It sounds like you're objectifying your wife to a certain extent. She may take issue with you wanting to "share" her because it doesn't show any attraction to or affection for your wife, it's basically asking her to serve as your fetish fuel

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  • Human sexuality is a complicated subject, and there are many variations. You should discuss how you are feeling with your wife. See what she says... and you will need to go with her wishes.

    Please note though. "free for all" open marriages (without any real rules or restrictions) tend not to work (and I've not heard of or seen a single one that succeeded).

    There are many people who have open marriages where there are real rules and restrictions... that do work long term and the people stay married for life.

    I suggest that before you go down the path of opening you your marriage that you and your wife both read the book "More Than Two" by: Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert. Three are many things to be aware of and consider to make it work. How each couple makes it work is individual to them.

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  • Yes it's mormal. It took a while to get my wife into it, again. But now she will let loose when we're away from home on vacation.

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  • It's normal to have these fantasies. Although, if she wants to revealing clothing or not it's up to her. If she wants to sleep around or not it's up to her.

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  • Get her to fuck a chic

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