Is it normal to have such a dislike for dogs?

Okay so, I literally don't have any issues with dogs, but i don't like that they lick or bark. and they sometimes stink. im not mean to them by any means, but i will avoid them at all costs.

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  • Yes it's normal to hate dogs. Dogs aren't for everyone.

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  • "But I couldn't trust anyone who didn't like dogs! You only don't like them because you're a bad person, and dogs are psychic so they know - my poorly-trained bloodthirsty mankiller snarled when you got within 40 feet of me, so you must be trying to harm me!"

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  • honestly that's more of a training issue than a dog issue itself. the dogs i've had in the past i always trained to never bark unless i asked them to, and the licking i discourged as much as possible as i hate dogs that try to lick you all over.

    the majority of dog owners are lazy/irresponsible though and barely teach their dog anything beyond sit and their name and don't seem to find a problem in letting their dog run up to someone and jump all over them while slobbering all over them. dogs need to be taught proper manners and control which most owners don't.

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    • Agreed, a lot of animal owners in general unfortunately tend to be rather apathetic when it comes to training and manners.

      I rode horses for years and those were the worst, mostly because of the fact that their size made a lack of manners dangerous, and a constant fight to handle and ride them. I grew up riding and handling lots of horses like that and hated it, as it was an absolutely miserable experience feeling like I was in a constant fight with a large animal that had no respect for me and tried to walk over the top of me like I was not there, drag me down the barn aisle, smack their face against mine, throw a fit under saddle complete with head tossing, sidestepping, bucking, pawing, etc., and there were times I was afraid I was going to get seriously hurt (and ultimately, a bad fall off of a horse like this that DID result in me getting hurt pretty much put the kibosh to my riding career).

      A dog is really not much different, and it makes me really nervous when dogs lunge at or jump on me, or get in my face.

      As a result, it really bothers me to see people act so indifferent about their animals behaving in unacceptable ways that can absolutely be fixed with training and proper correction. It does the animal absolutely no justice, either, as 1) these behaviors can escalate into dangerous territory, and 2) if anything were to happen in the event the animal needs to be rehomed/sold (more common with expensive animals like horses), this puts them in a much worse position.

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  • I don't think that sounds like an unreasonable amount of dislike. Some people just aren't big on certain animals (or any animals at all), and that's okay.

    Personally, I don't like poorly trained/mannered dogs that lunge at and jump on people, get in their faces, etc. That makes me really nervous. I can definitely understand disliking the smell, being licked, and loud barking as well.

    As a matter of fact, I don't like poorly trained/mannered animals of any kind. I rode horses for years and those were the absolute worst; the horses who would get in your space, use you as their personal itching post (and nearly push you over in the process), try to bull you right over, paw, whack you in the face with their head, have a meltdown any time they were asked to do something they didn't want to do, etc. I unfortunately rode and handled a lot of these growing up and hated it, because the constant fight of dealing with a horse like this is miserable, and a ~1,200 lb animal that doesn't respect you is dangerous. In these cases, it was almost always the owners or previous owners who had made them this way by spoiling or just not handling them, though. It did really make me lose interest in riding (especially after getting hurt by a horse like this), and definitely caused me to rethink my dream job (at the time) of being a trainer, lol.

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  • youll be sorry when you get overrun by bloodthirsty squirrels

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  • It’s the way I feel about cats. I detest them.

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  • I love dogs, but I have my preferences, and I prefer clean, well behaved dogs!

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