Is it normal to have oobe when i was a child?

When i was very young (around 6-8 years old) i can remember seeing grey silhouettes from time to time, but never really wanted to mention it since no one else seemed to notice. If i would lay down for a nap sometimes I'd almost be asleep and could hear a character from the show power rangers as though it was in my ear right next to me. If i would try to fight sleep while i kept my eyes closed and focused on it i could continue to hear it as though it was real and not just in my head. I had a deja vu frequently enough to make me question reality even at such a young age. My most odd event though was at a daycare during nap time. I was laying down fighting sleep as usual and playing with a white and black looking batman action figure that i still have somewhere today. I dont remember falling asleep i just remember feeling like i was stuck up against the ceiling looking down at the room i was in and seeing everyone where they were. I have heard a lot of out of body experiences and want to know more or who to talk to to tap back into that childood ability. Is it normal to have those things happen as a child and who are some trusted professionals on the matter? I hope its not just like full blown schizophrenia or something else equally heartbreaking. Have a great day and thanks for any help.

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  • I had out of body experiences as a child and again as an adult when in an abusive marriage. It was years before I traced it back to buried memories of child sexual abuse.

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  • That out of body experience could've just been a dream, too.

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  • Wierd

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  • Ive thought of that too Irishpot. It could be. Seems different though considering we dream most nights and being able to tell the difference between a dream and realizing you are not in your body are a little different. Maybe i just want to believe that though.

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