Is it normal to have obsessions regarding features like this in games?

I've always had a wish for instance that a sandbox game like garry's mod would have 100 % real world accurate physics where for instance you could destruct an item as physically accurately possible where there's no "Pseudo Destruction" things such as a model being removed and replaced by broken parts, not to mention that i frequently have had dreams this game having real world copy physics where i could exploit zombie or other organic being corpses by gutting, and cutting it anyhow you wished. Is it possible that not anytime soon in this lifetime i'll have my dreams fulfilled?

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  • I would recomend killing floor 2. Each enemy can be cut up into I think 20ish giblets.

    In your lifetime your probably going to get a pretty good simulation of reality. The silent hill games have been getting good with the graphics. But the physics has to be simplistic.

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  • Just running the physics simulation would require a supercomputer, and that's not including the graphics.

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    • So far I think scientists have been able to replicate a cubic meter of real world physics of just gas. And this was with a supercomputer that takes the energy requirements of a small city.

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