Is it normal to have no period pain whatsoever?

I have no pain whatsoever during my periods. I'm not complaining of course, but every other woman I've met complains about them and I'm just like ????? Does it say anything about me?

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  • I too have no pain what-so-ever during your period.

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  • People’s bodies vary, this is nothing to worry about.

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  • You're lucky. My cramps aren't as bad as they were when I was younger. I used be in the fetal position for hours. Now that I'm older, I believe I'm beginning the first stages of menopause. I can't wait for this rubbish to be over

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  • The only thing is says is that your body and mind aren't identical to those of those of the other women you mention.

    I'm a guy, so I don't have any personal experience of periods. FWIW, none of the women I've been in serious relationships with over the years have complained about major period discomfort. My early-teen daughter does tend to get headaches that seem to be linked to her hormonal cycle, and my wife says that she used to have the same.

    Pain is a strange thing, and it always involves some purely psychological element. The link below is to an article in a medical journal where researchers (who were all women) describe their investigation into whether women who "catastrophise pain" (in other words, make a huge drama out of any discomfort) are more likely to experience period pain. Their conclusion is that this was true.

    I have no doubt that there are women who experience discomfort during their periods due to purely physiological factors, and I know that there are medical conditions which can make periods excruciatingly painful. But I'm also sure that I've read somewhere that women who grew up with mothers who made a big deal out of their periods were more likely to make a big deal out of their own periods. Maybe that's all down to genetics, but I can see how a girl growing up with that could come to see it as "normal", and how periods should be for her.

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  • Yeah, there are many women that don't get any pain. You're lucky.

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  • I imagine it just means that your pain threshold is higher than that of your female friends.

    It's not a bad thing if your pain threshold is high, but as a guy myself, I'm in no place to give you the statistics on how painful menstrual cramps "should be", nor am I in a place to tell you how common they are. What I know about periods can be written on the back of a postage stamp in board marker pen.

    Maybe you should ask some girls who you don't often talk to if they get menstrual cramps, although framing such a question may be difficult if you're not familiar with them.

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