Is it normal to have never had a job in your early 20s?

I never worked a day in my life and I’m in my early 20s. I live out in the country and I can’t drive. So I don’t have any way of really getting anywhere. I want to work but I’d have to walk hours everyday to get to any city. And I’m just not sure what to do to be honest. I probably sound lazy and maybe I am. But I do want a life for myself. I just don’t know where to start

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  • Learn to drive and get a job then you can finally become a functioning adult.

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  • Why can't you drive? If it's some sort of medical thing that means you will never be able to drive then I think you need to move to a city.

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  • Its very unusual to not have a job at that age untless youre in college. I recommend everyone like you to apply at UPS or the post office. They will train you to drive and you'll make 32-38 an hour. There's a good union also. Your parents should take you to work until you have money to buy yourself a $1500 beater (shitty car but will run) on craigslist.

    To me you sound full of excuses. I was like you too and it makes me cringe. You need to be pushed abit. You're honestly being a pussy dude and you're gonna finish last place.

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  • How old is “early 20s”? I’d say 23 is the age it becomes unusual to have never had a job (assuming they were in some form of post 18 education).

    Whether or not your situation is normal isn’t what’s important here, it’s what you can do about it. As everyone else says learning to drive is an obvious solution, have you looked into jobs you could do from home online?

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  • Do you have anyone that could help you, such as family? Is there any reason you're unable to drive?

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  • I feel like you're not telling us the whole story.

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