Is it normal to have extremely vivid dreams?

So from what I've been told, most of the time people have dreams that are obviously a dream but with me, my dreams are so vivid I sometimes only realise later in the day I was dreaming. Like the event seems so real and so plausible it just doesn't hit me that it's a dream, I'm also semi-lucid and am in control of my actions, just not aware I'm dreaming. Thing is though, my mind is never like that, I have trouble picturing things in everyday life and my mind in general is just not like this. It just feels weird that I sometimes only realise later on and makes me wonder if I've dreamt about something and still to this day haven't realised it didn't actually happen..

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  • I almost never remember my dreams, nor do I ever really have bad dreams, but a few weeks ago I had a horrible dream that woke me up and I immediately jumped out of bed in tears and grabbed my very large knives and put them behind my pillow, after I checked the house out to make sure it was safe and my pets were still alive. Come at me, motherfucker! I ain't goin out like that.

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  • Once when I was really little, I dreamt that I flew down the stairs in our hallway. For years I thought it had really happened.

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  • I dream every single night, multiple times. I remember everything. I remember dreams I've had as young as 7. Not sure how common that is. I've been lucid a few times, but not usually.

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    • I either have dreams that feel so real I can't tell or none at all, it's weird because I only dream when I'm semi-awake, like I'm aware I'm asleep but I'm not. I can make myself wake up when I remember I have to wake up but even then I forget I was dreaming.

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