Is it normal to have crushes on girls when you are straight

I was in a co ed (mixed gender) school for a while, and I have gone back to a private all girls school recently. Until now I have never been interested in girls, however just recently I have formed crushes on or fantasised about girls in my year (4 different girls in a couple of months) only one of them has been a Friend of mine, the others I never even talk to directly. I just become so attracted to them, search them out in a room of people, look forward to seeing them, have constant desires to be next to them etc. It's not like they are even conventually attractive girls either, just something about them draws me to them. I know this sounds Super gay, and honestly I wouldn't mind being bi so that's not what I'm asking about, I don't care about my sexuality. I'm just wondering if it's normal to have crushes (they usually go away in a couple of weeks) to the gender you are not normally attracted to in that way.

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  • I'd definitely say that this sort of thing is normal. Sexuality is a pretty fluid thing tbh, and it's possible for it to change over time. I know i've had attraction to guys in the past even though I identify as gay now. Things like this change, and it's possible that you're noticing / developing more of an attraction to girls than you used to because of that.

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  • Yea, it's called curiosity. As in bi-curious. Not a damn thing wrong with it. When 2 females are making out that is just so sexy to me. Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with fantasy. I think back at times to years ago when I told my buddy i wanted to feel his dock in my mouth. I use that memory as part of my "spank bank".lol.

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  • Yes, I have crushes on girl and I am straight

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