Is it normal to have crazy af dreams?

So yesterday I had this dream where I went on a 3am McDonakds run with the Cat in the Hat (the horribly memed movie version) and we were almost caught as he was a cat. Am I normal?

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  • It's called a dream to begin with so of course anything about it is going to be crazy as fuck.

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  • That's nothing. I dreamed I went to wash my hands and the sink broke off, fell on my feet and instantly crushed them, broke the floor and I fell down into the spillway of a dam water turbine under my apartment...

    The fuck was that^
    Absolutely zero sense. Dreams are nonsense, just don't overanalyze them, cause half of the time they are just random garbage our brains mix together. It's normal to have them.

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  • Alright this night, I want to add, I had a dream about like 4 girls, all dressed in different colors and they were like in a hall with a small pool in it and some flying stairs, they continued jumping onto those stairs, had a fight with one of them and went outside on the street to search for someone. They returned back and found out one of the girls was actually Loki and he was kind of them do something that i don’t remember. Anyways they needed to go somewhere and went on a path with some rose bushes on the side and then tried catching the birds next to it. Then they took the train and went working while they were thinking about what Loki was gonna do. A woman passed and they were all getting upset about that she was throwing all her clothes away, also someone spilled food somewhere. Suddenly they were in a castle of ice, like an enormous one, there is a huge part that I cannot remember. But the last thing was that Loki was upset because of something and he was throwing balls at the castle from his glacier.
    One of my shorter and none painful dreams and without corpses.
    I literally nearly never know the faces of the people in my dreams or wherever it’s happening, neither am I me or stay in one persons conciousness. It gets very exhausting when you’re about to relive hundreds of years in your dream and u feel like it’s real.
    Haha one time I was engaged to a goose, but while plucking the swans chicks head it’s head was cut off by mistake too and I screamed and suddenly was the goose and well, felt like this huge pain on my neck which was my body trying to imitate it.

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  • Oh u don’t wanna know bout my dreams. I’d be happy if there would be anything as normal as a McDonald’s in there

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  • Sometimes dreams are silly, sometimes they are dumb, and other times they reflect past experiences good or bad/ desires. No one really knows what dreams mean, but goddammit are they heckin normal.

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  • That seems pretty basic as far as dreams go. I wrote a kind of bizarre short story based off of one of mine.

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  • Yeah, it's pretty normal to have dreams that make zero sense. I had a dream that the world was an anime. At my job, my coworker was found murdered in the ambient room. It was on a Friday on Christmas Eve and there was a huge snowstorm so the power was cut, which cut the security cameras so no one could see who did it. One of my managers was accused and Phoenix Wright said he'd be her lawyer and defend her. He just so happened to be shopping at that specific Target that day. It was an odd dream. XD

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  • Yes, my dreams never make any sense at all. Somehow, everything makes sense while I'm actually experiencing the dream, but I realize how ridiculous and nonsensical it is once I wake up.

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  • Normal. All my dreams are about sex.

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