Is it normal to have bruising after seeing a chiropractor?

For months I had a bad cough, and the doctors say it's most likely from post-nasal drip (allergies), going into my lungs and causing infections (I have had pneumonia twice and bronchitis once in the past couple years, along with this cough.) I had a persistent cough for months, and my ribs started to hurt in one spot on my right side (front.) The doctors said there wasn't much that could be done about my rib pain.

I decided to see a chiropractor, hoping that if it was something that was misplaced, they could fix it. It was my first time seeing a chiropractor. She dug into my ribs, massaging the muscles, and by the time I got home (10-15 minutes later), there was bruising on my ribs. When she was massaging my ribs it was the most excruciating pain I've ever experienced.

If possible, please give me your opinions on what this rib pain could be. The cough and rib pain randomly went away for a few weeks, but a couple weeks ago I started coughing again, and when I did I felt almost a pop/crack in my ribs, along with severe sharp pain in the same spot again. Twisting hurts, breathing in deeply hurts, puffing my chest/ribs out hurts a ton. Mostly it gets worse at night and in the morning, especially horrible at night when I wake up occasionally to turn over.

My question is, other than what you think my rib pain could be caused by - Is it normal to bruise after getting a chiropractic "massage"?

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  • severe bruising post viral infections can be caused by a condition known as idiopathic thrombocytopenia. this is an emergency condition easily diagnosed by a cheap done everywhere blood exam. I dont think this is that though. i dont think any rib manipulation should have been done at all. Rib pain from excessive cough should be heat,rest and ibuprofen not banging on sore rib muscles . why didnt you just look up the treatment yourself?

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  • Broken ribs, bone fragment might have punctured a lung. Go to the hospital and get an x-ray.

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