Is it normal to have an uncomfortable feeling when your leg is waking up?

It isn't just the pins and needles feeling that you get when your leg falls asleep, it's a separate, EXTREMELY uncomfortable, tight, borderline-painful feeling that I get when it's in the process of waking up. If I move my leg, it just gets worse. I've experienced this my whole life and tried to explain it but everyone thinks I'm crazy. Does anyone else experience this?

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  • I get something like this! It only started happening the last few years (I'm in my mid twenties) but basically when the blood is rushing back I get this really unbearable feeling of pressure that makes me feel almost like my leg is being electrocuted, or like about to seizure out or something. It also feels as if my leg will literally explode or ripp apart. It gets so hard to deal with that I have to sit there and grip the side of whatever I'm sitting on, close my eyes tight and clench my jaw while trying not to scream.

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  • Yes. I believe it's the blood rushing back to your leg. For me, it feels almost ticklish in a way (but not a pleasant one).

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  • I believe it's called pins, and needles.

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  • try doing leg stretching and eat bananas regularly

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