Is it normal to have a really powerful imagination?

I remember as a kid reading books and whenever a character was injured I would feel it. Not necessarily the pain, but just a strange sensation on my body wherever the injury occurred. In one case in particular I remember reading about a character who broke his lower leg so badly you could see bone through the gash. For at least ten minutes after I finished reading, my leg felt numb and uncomfortable, like it wasn’t supposed to support my own weight. I could walk, it just felt funny.

I’ve used this to my advantage too. I have chronic back pain and imagining the sort of massage I would get to help it, down to the minutest detail actually helps alleviate it. It isn’t perfect but it actually does help with physical pain. Just last night I was trying to go to sleep but I had a sore throat that was keeping me up. Imagining physically scratching it actually made it feel less itchy and I was able to finally drift off. Is this normal?

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  • Now just think really really hard about a million dollars…

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  • Normal. A lot of people on here have very powerful imaginations. That's why they believe their own made up bs. Maybe they should use their imaginations for something useful instead of writing about that imaginary hot girl that talks about how big their dick is.

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