Is it normal to have a phobia of humans and human things?

Whenever I see really simple "human" things I get extremely uncomfortable. It doesn't feel right, and I get scared and often very confused. Nothing is happening to my senses, it just feels wrong. the "shape" of humans puts me under a lot of stress and discomfort and I can't even comprehend why the fuck it looks like that. with other normal actions, I get rly weirded out by them: Some examples are if I decide to lay on my stomach in bed, ill picture it in my mind and just think, "what the actual fuck what the fuck" the whole idea of me doing a human action is ununderstandable to me. anytime I open my mouth, or hear others I feel terrible cus it feels like the way humans are is flat out wrong. its gotten so bad that its hard to have a conversation with my mom because her face scares me so much.

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