Is it normal to have a phobia of glitches?

So, I’ve seen other people talk about this before, but not in the way I experience it. Most people will say that when they have a video game glitch fear, they describe models spazzing out, models without the faces and only the eyes and teeth, or polygons clipping everywhere.

For me, none of that gets a reaction. I feel like I’m the only one that fears 2-D glitches instead. Stuff like the Pac-man 256 glitch, or a bunch of full-screen meltdowns in the earlier Pokemon games.

The one that almost made me cry once was a glitch in a Game Grumps video: Mappy-Land. (Search it if you’re interested, it’s about a minute into the video.) I actually felt my skin crawling as I watched the screen get engulfed with patterns of numbers and gibberish pixels.

I’m not even sure why I have this phobia. I’m gen z, so I mostly grew up with 3-D modeled games and have never had a traumatizing incident involving encountering glitches in my past.

If anyone else has this, please let me know! I feel quite alone in this struggle against something so silly.

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  • I love the ones that don’t effect play, they can be crazy looking.

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  • Your life must be pretty good if this is the one thing in it that makes you freak out.

    Fortunately, there's a simple solution: stop wasting your life playing video games.

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    • wow, you must have a pretty sad life to be so hateful. i barely play games: i only watch people play them when i'm drawing, which is what i do and go to school for instead of "wasting my life playing video games." ironically, i have had a pretty traumatic life myself, but you're not interested in that.

      tldr: stop wasting your life being passive-aggressive to random people on the internet.

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    • Dude I get you are old but we can play games if we want to, but remember this is just a preference, I am sure everyone will agree.

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      • It's not like us doddering old fools are immune to the lure of video games, and once upon a time, every old person was younger.

        I really wouldn't like to know how much time in total I spent playing Team Fortress and its mods and Eve Online, but I'm sure it must add up to at least a full year of my life (as in 365 whole days or 9,000 hours). Back in the ancient, pre-online gaming days, I also spent a _lot_ of time playing standalone video games. God alone knows how many hours I spent getting adrenaline buzzes from the original Doom.

        But I eventually realised I was just another sucker who was susceptible to the addictive hooks that game designers deliberately build into their products.

        There are much worse ways to waste away the limited hours of your life, but I seriously doubt if there will ever be anyone whose final thought as their life slips away will be, "Damn! I wish I had just another day so I could play more Fortnite."

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  • if it wasnt for glitches id be poor

    but thats industrial processes glitches

    video game & cyber glitches annoy me but i dont curl up in a ball on the floor

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