Is it normal to have a phobia about pixel game glitches?

About 2 years ago I heard about some urban tales about some old Pokemon game glitches (e.g. White Hand, Buried Alive, Lost Silver Version...), I resulted in a situation of not being able to sleep. Everyone and every video on YouTube are telling me that they are either inevitable technology issues or fan-made stories but I still had that major fear. Even nowadays, I am still a little afraid of it. But newer versions (versions after 2015) are fine. Not only Pokemon, something like Stardew Valley and Undertale glitches also freaks me out.

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  • The creators of things like Pokemon make scary glitches or scenes and people tell horror stories like that because they want the audience to feel creeped out. It makes sense that something like that would leave an impact, so it's not really weird that you still feel scared about it. You're all safe though, but it makes sense to worry about it.

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  • You can be scared of anything.

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  • Those stories are mostly fake like you said. There's no evidence for most of them. It would make national news if a kid got buried alive playing pokemon. Its bs

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  • I think someone is getting wayyy into Creepypastas. Although I love the spooky and scary shit on the internet. Ghosts, ghoulies, whatever. But its normal to be afraid of something thats designed to frighten the unwary.

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  • Have you played the Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu? Because it ain't glitchy.

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    If you are dont watch this.

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