Is it normal to have a fear of veins

Ever since I learned about them, I have never gotten over bleeding out from them. It has gotten to the point where in class people show me their veins protruding from their wrists. Hard to type by the way. Everyone makes fun of me for it in a way, which I could care less about them making fun of me for it, but not only does it make me uncomfortable, it makes me want rip out their throat, tackle them to the ground, and beat their face in. I've almost fainted from it four times now, I've thrown up six times, and fainted twice in class. Everyone thinks I'm faking it. What a world we live in. My parents respect it but forget way too often, leading me to believe that they don't care too much about it. Coming from someone who loves vaccines, medicines, and *Kappa* drugs, *Kappa* this is going to be difficult as hell for me. I'm just wondering if anyone else has this.

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  • Sorry, accidentally hit submit.
    The people in class sound like a bunch of assholes, just ignore them and focus on what you're doing. :)

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  • Sounds like ur a pussy if something really scares you that much that you faint or throw up. Its veins, they run all inside your body and without them you would be dead. So just find some real problems to complain about and not ur irrational fear of veins.

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  • I'm the exact same way! I feel your pain, and it makes me shiver just looking at them.....
    You should be fine thoigh

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  • One thing you can keep in mind is that you can't bleed out through your veins (unless a ridiculous amount of them are severed). Because the blood pressure in them is so low, they will always be able to form scabs and heal. It's your arteries (that you can't see) that you can bleed out from.

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