Is it normal to have a dream that came true?

So, I've had some weird deja vus when I was a kid. Some of my dreams happen in real life. (I'm serious, btw)

One day, I overheard this girl in my class talking about her dream that happened in real life. I was relieved that I wasn't the only one. And so I decided to tell my friend about it and she thought I was crazy. I took it back and said I was kidding because I didn't want her to think that I was crazy.

I'm just curious, did any of you had the same experience?

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  • sometimes on rare occasions my older brother and i would have the exact same dream. we were the same person in the same dream. that pretty messed up right. then i married this woman and we would buy the same damn things on the way home from work, it got so bad id call her to make sure we were not duplicating stuff. didnt matter if it was off the wall stuff you might buy once in a lifetime. come to think of it , i think its been me all along.

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  • Had some creepy af shit happen to me, trust me when I say that it is normal.

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  • A work friend related to me something strange. He was having a dream but knew it wasn't his dream. His wife's head was almost touching hers. He moved his head away and the dream went away. When he put his head near hers again he found himself inside her dream again. Weird.

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  • It happens to me, my mother, brother, 2 of my 3 sons and my nephew. My great grandmother as well on my fathers side. She was a medicine woman.
    Funny we all have a natiralgift for jealimg as well. Ot was always considered normal in our family. I see it as a gift to nurtured.

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    • It also happens to my little brother. But people think he's making it up but I believe him (secretly)

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