Is it normal to have a bunny slipper fetish?

I have an unusual fetish for slippers but mostly bunny slippers. What really gets me is if I see a woman in her pjs and slippers (especially if they were bunnies). Really any slipper that a woman has on is arousing but not as much compared to bunny slippers. I don’t get aroused if men have them on just women. I do own a pair of bunny slippers for my own pleasure and every time I see bunny slippers or any other slipper in a movie, tv show, and picture, it turns me on.

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  • Sounds like a variation of a foot fetish to me. It's neither wrong nor bad to have. Considering other fetishes out there I'd say this is a rather tame and unique one. I'm sure if you find a partner they'd have no issue fulfilling such a request. I doubt you'll have any real trouble in life, just try to avoid making it an overly public thing. Society likes to judge those who're different.

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  • You should play the Sims Bustin' out. That'll get ya going

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  • Rock it dawg. I love my penguin covered onsie. So cute and comfy

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  • Sounds normal enough.

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