Is it normal to hate your mother

My mother has this menopause problem one moment she and I are having fun another moment she's shouting at me,insulting me,hitting me and throwing stuff at me and today she hit my head against a wall it's not new I always said to myself I hate my mother but I always ended up liking her but today I actually hate her after she hit me today for reasons I don't even understand at the moment I am going through severe pain and I'm crying because of how I'm so hurt.I am a teenager and she hits me like it feels so bad.My life seems happy in the outside but I am like a desolate house in the inside and I feel like it's official that I hate her😭

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  • This is child abuse, and it has to stop. I was abused as a child and never told anyone about it. Now I suffer from depression as well as other things. Trust yourself, be strong, and tell someone. It will be scary, but just remember that it's not your fault, and you deserve better. I understand your hate/love, because I felt the same way. I recommend growing more and more distant from her overtime until you think that you can face her without too much hate.
    Be strong, and I know that you can get through this!!

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  • Menopause is not an excuse to be violent and commit child abuse. You could call the cops on her, or maybe just threaten to do so.

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  • This is not normal at all. This sounds like child abuse to me. No matter what it is you did (or she thinks you did), physical violence is no way to solve family issues. I don't know if you have any relatives you can reach out to, but if not you can contact child support. Your mother needs an intervention, the two of you need to sit down together and work through your differences maybe in therapy. You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family. No matter how unreasonable she is, you should never truly HATE your own mother. This is a problem that should require professional help, your mother sounds like she has some deep seeded issues she needs to work through. I'll pray for you, and I hope the two of you can make it through this.

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