Is it normal to hate myself?

welp i really hate myself. i'm slowly working on it, i've gotten to the point of often being able to say 'i am human,' without feeling like i'm lying, but i still hate my own guts so much. i'm a teenager, so perhaps it's just me being dramatic, but idk if it's normal to constantly loath myself

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  • Life in itself is a rollercoaster, it'll be hard, it'll be interesting, it'll be painful, it'll be beautiful, it'll be lonely, it'll be happy, it'll be sad, and it'll be adventurous. What's important is to remind yourself of the little things. Those brief moments of calm. That time you share your first kiss, your first adrenaline high from bungee jumping, sky diving, riding a rollercoaster etc. Remember saying "I love you" for the first time and hearing them say it back, remember something said by a family member that meant a lot to you, remember an achievement in school (even if small).

    If at the end of the day you find yourself unable to find happiness by the things you've done/achieved for yourself, perhaps you should consider working toward helping others? Become a volunteer worker? a carer? Someone who gives often finds reward in the smiles and gratitude of those they help. :)

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  • Normal yes, healthy no

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  • yeah ! when I was 17, I also thought like that , but instead of hating myself I hate the bad people in my people, now when I get a thought of that I just smile & I thank God for getting me outa that situations. how old R U now.

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  • Please don't hate yourself it's not healthy and besides that you are loved by so many, so why not love yourself.

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  • With our age, it is pretty normal; especially with social media influencing now. As long as you aren't physically harming yourself, then it's pretty normal. For me, some ways that help (as cheesy as it sounds) was drawing, writing, etc. Find a good, productive outlet to put your emotions. Another thing that helped me was writing letter to people, but never giving it to them and instead, burning it. Obviously, nobody is you and everybody feels differently, but it's relatively normal.

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