Is it normal to hate looking at myself in mirrors?

ok yeah, the actual thing is not exactly the same as the question but I didn't know what to write that would actually partially describe my problem

it's as if I had some sort of love-hate relationship with my face, at first when online classes started I would be constantly covering my face because I hated having to look at myself in my camera (avoiding looking at it was never really an option because I felt the need to now what the others could see), however I had no problem with looking at myself in the mirror.

When I went back to normal classes I thought that it would get better but it only got worse, now can't even look at myself in the mirror, it's like sometimes I look "normal" but other times suddenly my nose is extremely big or too small, other times it's similar but with my eyebrows, eyes, etc.

I started searching about it and I found body dysmorphia, I thought it may be that but in every place I've looked it said that when someone has it they're obsessed with it and are constantly trying to change it, but the only thing I do about it is try to hide it and avoid looking at myself in any reflection (until I accidentally look and I can't stop looking)

Now I'm just confused and I have no idea of what it might be or if I'm just going crazy, so if someone knows something please do tell me in the comments

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  • Yes. I'm one of society's Plain Janes (apologies to any Janes/Jaynes on here).

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  • You didn't say how old you are, but if you are female I would almost bet you are in your teens.

    I don't know about guys but females in general seem to go through a time when we look in a mirror, see our reflection, or have our picture taken, and we see nothing except what we don't like about ourselves. It can be eyes, hair, lips, chin, neck, ears, or even move on down the body. It works in reverse as well. The first thing we notice about others and friends are the good parts they have that we don't like about ourselves. If they've got bigger boobs, nicer lips, pretty eyes, we look to find why they are better than us.

    Hopefully you grow out of that stage and learn to love yourself and the uniqueness of being you. There are people out there that love the exact combination of features that you have. Those features are yours and yours alone.

    Yep, there are people out there that don't grow out of it. They feel they need to change and be or look like somebody else or at least a part of them. That's why there are so many plastic surgeons, some really not so good at what they do, but all making good money.

    You are gorgeous just the way you are!

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  • I used to hate the sound of a recording of my own voice, but I got used to it.

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