Is it normal to hate it when people moan when they eat?

I personally cannot stand people doing it. I hate the moaning everytime I hear it I just want to scream in eternal pain.

People who do that just make me cringe so much that I also wish to rip my eyes and ears off.

Is it normal?

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  • Yep, normal. When people moan while they eat, it really makes me wanna slap the shit out of them. And don't get me started on the whole slurping thing some people got going on.

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  • Some moan when the food goes in.
    I moan when the food comes out.


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  • i have family that makes a huge deal outta food moanin and ravin about how wonderful it is when its just plain ole food to me

    but whats really annoyin is when everyone looks at me and demands i do the same shit askin me intently how it is and fishin for compliments

    and im like 'its food' which gits me a lecture about etiquette that i ignore while i eat the comptently prepared but nowhere near amazin food

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    • Thats my mom she will sample everything and when she tries something new her eyes go wide and she starts moaning then she says "OMMGGG YOU GOTTA TRYYY IT" then on to the next one.

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  • Yeah, I hate that 2. I don't wanna hear a middle aged lady moan into her sandwich. fuck that

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  • The worst. I hate people that audibly eat

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  • I have a phobia of hearing ppl eat and this is one of the things that angers me more than anything. My mom does this I hate thanksgiving and Christmas because shes obsessed with food and does this the entire time. She also widens her eyes when she eats it and moans. Fuckin disgusting. I wanna punch something just thinking about it.

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  • I had a cuz who did that when we were kids and it was nerve wracking. Probably would be even more so as adults.

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